The Top 25 Posts from the Month of February:

25. Kentucky lost to Tennessee on purpose.

24. Beware the Ides of March.

23. Michigan State fans should throw stuff at Tom Izzo.

22. Spanx should design Florida State’s uniforms.

21. Caleb Williams’ dad helped orchestrate Lincoln Riley’s move to USC.

20. Texas fan want all of the SEC schools to chip in to pay for Texas’ and Oklahoma’s Big12 exit fee.

19. Ole Miss fan solves the NIL problem.

18. The dork factor amongst Clemson students is reaching Georgia Tech levels.

17. What Juwan Howard did was nothing compared to all of the rape and molestation that is occurring in the Big Ten.

16. Nebraska football is suffering the curse of Joe Burrow!

15. Florida fans are amazed/encouraged that this nerd can recruit.

14. Clemson fan’s source claims that Jacoby Matthews is being paid $450K to play at Texas A&M for four years.

13. Lincoln Riley went to USC for access to the best hair plugs money can buy.

12. Baylor fan wants to build a statue of Art Briles.

11. Fans were upset over the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

10. Winning a national championship ruined Auburn.

9. Oklahoma fan may be looking to put out a mafia hit on Lincoln Riley.

7. Clemson fan wanted Brad Brownell to punch Coach K in the face, Dabo would have.

6. Texas A&M fan is worried about how they’ll act after winning a few national championships.

5. Miami fan wants a certain type of recruit.

4. The Tuscaloosa Mafia protects owns the police force and protects Alabama football.

3. Juwan Howard wouldn’t have punched anyone if he were wearing a suit.

2. Clemson fans saw no problem with Dabo sitting on a recruit’s lap.

  1. Does Nick Saban wear a diaper (or does this Georgia fan have prostate issues?)

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