The Top 25 Posts from the Month of January:

25. Vanderbilt/Northwestern trash talk.

24. It was addition by subtraction for this Oklahoma fan.

23. LSU fans have something special for Jimmy Dykes and Karl Ravech.

22. Georgia Tech fan thinks maybe it’s time they stop playing Georgia.

21. Texas fan says Ryan Day and Jim Harbaugh would leave for the NFL within 48 hours.

20. Kirby Smart wears a wig!

19. Eli Drinkwitz is giant A-Hole liberal.

18. Michigan fan wants to throw all the money at Bill Belichick.

17. Joe Castiglione had a master plan to get rid of Lincoln Riley all along.

16. USC fan is wondering if they can accept Caleb Williams as their quarterback.

15. USC fan wants to get one last dig in on Oklahoma.

14. The media wanted to bring down Joe Paterno because he did things the right way.

13. Mississippi State fan will fight any 77 year old that dares take him on.

12. Dabo does things the right way, a way that is pleasing to God.

11. Notre Dame fan wants everyone to boycott Texas A&M.

10. Texas fans discussed ‘sampling’ other men’s wives.

9. Oklahoma fan wonders how many analysts are too many?

8. There are only two reasons for a man to be bald, neither is acceptable.

7. Texas A&M fans were excited for the hiring of D.J. Durkin.

6. Oklahoma fan wouldn’t mind if China invaded the Western U.S. and enslaved its citizens.

5. Jaxson Dart was intimidated by all the beautiful women at Ole Miss.

4. Auburn fan spots Caleb Williams at an Auburn basketball game.

3. Oklahoma fan devises a plan for a slow torture of Lincoln Riley.

2. Illinois fan has his priorities in their proper order.

1. Clemson fan compares disloyal coaches to stepdads.

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