The Top 100 Message Board Posts from 2021: Nos. 26-50.

50. North Carolina fan didn’t believe that all of the Ole Miss team was vaccinated.

49. A castrated LSU would not be good for the SEC.

48. What Miami needs is more arrests!

47. Iowa State saw no value in going to the AAC.

46. South Carolina fans told stories of punching horses.

45. Clemson fan accuses Tony Elliot of spending too much time at strip clubs in Seneca.

44. Texas A&M has one test to see if a recruit is a good fit in College Station.

43. Rape is no big deal in Baton Rouge apparently.

42. Kansas’ back up choice in conference expansion is the SEC.

41. Don’t tell this Michigan State fan he can’t kill a cougar (the animal) with his bare hands.

40. Georgia football is like playing king of the mountain with a fat kid.

39. South Carolina fan is suspicious of Clemson players.

38. Texas A&M could beat an NFL practice squad team.

37. While Georgia is cheating, Clemson is winning with faith, family and honesty.

36. Ohio State fan is not a fan of Trevor Lawrence’s hair.

35. Solid dating advice from a Nebraska fan, don’t chase that hot girl from high school.

34. Clembarrassing! Clemson fan wanted Dabo and Tony Elliot fired.

33. Josh Heupel looks like he just woke up from a nap after visiting a Golden Corral.

32. The Chicago Mafia may have had a hand in Nebraska’s loss to Illinois.

31. NC State fan says North Carolina’s team is infected with chlamydia.

30. The Herbstreit twins were sent to destroy Clemson football.

29. Not everything burns if you rub it hard and fast enough.

28. Nothre Dame shouldn’t affiliate with Peacock.

27. Florida fan would have done anything to get rid of Dan Mullen. I mean anything.

26. Ryan Day is Lane Kiffin but with a dumber face.

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