The Top 100 Message Board Posts from 2021: Nos. 51-100.

100. Texas fans had high hopes for the season.

99. Ohio State used WWII as inspiration going into the National Championship game.

98. Washington fan knows what old white guys like to see.

97. LSU fan wants a coach that can recruit non-pot smokers.

96. Clemson fans came to the defense of Deshaun Watson.

95. This Kansas State fan loves potato salad

94. Texas Tech fan handled Chris Beard’s move to Texas well.

93. A Tennessee fan had advice for newlyweds.

92. Clemson fan wanted to put a port-o-potty in his house.

91. Texas fan was upset that a long-snapper didn’t increase their recruiting rankings.

90. Texas’ invitation to the SEC was the most devastating day in Texas A&M history.

89. Nebraska shouldn’t be forced to stay in the B1G with a bunch of pedophiles and sex offenders.

88. Oklahoma State fan wanted Texas and OU evicted from the Big12 for treason.

87. Beating Michigan is like eating Chinese food.

86. Mike Norvell is a degenerate gambler and may be fixing games.

85. Clemson could beat Georgia by only kicking field goals.

84. Texas A&M is the second best program in the SEC.

83. You could bet your mortgage on Ohio State beating Alabama in the national championship game.

82. Call this guy crazy.

81. This Texas A&M fan gives out life advice.

80. Les Miles pick up lines.

79. Oregon fans don’t think highly of Oklahoma

78. Texas fan just wants to win.

77. None of Ohio State’s team would sniff the field at Clemson.

76. South Carolina has a problem with the WBB coach making more than the FB coach.

75. Auburn fan wants to build a Gus Malzahn statue.

74. Wyoming athletics needs some help

73. This Oklahoma fan pays $10 a month for answers!

72. Social justice warriors ruined Clemson’s season.

71. Tennessee fan really wanted Hugh Freeze

70. Duke fans wanted Coach K gone

69. Texas A&M fan wasn’t a fan of Jimbo.

68. Texas Tech fan wanted to know the best way to get his cat drunk.

67. Clemson fan had the inside track on the Oklahoma hire.

66. Tate Martell may have been the key to Ohio State’s success.

65. Washington fan was an admirer of High Freeze.

64. Texas fan was ready to destroy Louisiana.

63. LSU fan HATES Alabama.

62. Nebraska fan had had enough of Scott Frost and Adrian Martinez.

61. Aggie fan had a dream!

60. History lesson from Oklahoma State fan.

59. Clemson fan wants to buy and sell people.

58. Georgia fan needs a divorce lawyer.

57. Kirby and Georgia were good soldiers.

56. Maybe Lincoln Riley went to USC so his daughters could be models.

55. Texas A&M fan had a great story about Screech from Saved by the Bell.

54. The difference between Saban and Coach O.

53. Haynes King has a face for cussing.

52. Texas is a 55 years old cougar.

51. Are man boobs detrimental to recruiting?

Stay tuned for Nos. 1-50!

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