The Top 25 Posts from the Month of November.

25. Texas A&M fan is worried about how to handle all of the future success they’re going to have.

24. Texas fan wants to cancel Matthew McConaughey while being upset that he himself was cancelled.

23. SMU fan compares Sonny Dykes to Judas Iscariot.

22. LSU fan wonders if they would even want Nick Saban as a coach if he were to lose to the Tigers.

21. Missouri fan was impressed with Josh Heupel’s physique.

20. USC fan wonders if that Nick Saban guy can recruit.

19. Virginia Tech fan tries to convince his fellow fans to compose an apology letter to Justin Fuente for sabotaging his career.

18. Florida fan composes five compelling reasons to hire Tim Tebow as head coach.

17. Miami fan wants to throw ALL of the money at Nick Saban.

16. Penn State fan believes that college football is pro wrestling.

15. Alabama fan wants Nick Saban to either shape up or ship out.

14. Arkansas fans want to start a hostile takeover of the SEC by kidnapping Greg Sankey.

13. Texas fan gives us a play by play breakdown of Jeff Banks’ Halloween evening.

12. Kirby Smart sweats when he eats!

11. Oklahoma fan is struggling with how to explain Lincoln Riley’s devilish work to his children.

10. Ohio State fan wonders how much better they would be with Tate Martell at quarterback.

9. Georgia fan is in need of a good divorce lawyer.

8. Clemson fan believes that the cause of the offense’s struggles is Tony Elliot spending too much time snorting coke off of strippers.

7. The Kyle Rittenhouse verdict is what caused liberal Lincoln Riley to bolt for California.

6. Matt Campbell’s face to teeth ratio kept him from getting the Florida job.

5. Lincoln Riley was just serving as a placeholder for Bob Stoops at Oklahoma while Stoops served a suspension for various NCAA violations.

4. Arkansas fan summons his fellow Razorback fans to fart in the face of any and all visiting Mississippi State fans.

3. Florida fan challenges liberal jack asses to come up to his $22.5k seats and fight.

2. Texas fan challenges Longhorns defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski and his two high safety defense to a fight.

1. Jimbo Fisher got vaccinated and lost the mental capacity to coach.

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed the list. Happy Holidays everyone!

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