The 25 Best Posts from the Month of October.

25. Texas Tech fan thought Jon Gruden’s emails were so hilarious that Tech should hire him immediately.

24. Notre Dame fan devised a unique, fool-proof plan, for the Irish to make the playoffs. Pure Brilliance.

23. This Nebraska fan teaches us all a lesson in forgiveness.

22. The mere suggestion of hiring Bobby Petrino is sufficient for this Miami fan to make the list.

21. San Diego State fan was excited to welcome their guests from Frestucky.

20. Oklahoma fan is not thrilled with the team’s culture that has been instilled by Lincoln Riley.

19. A Rutgers fan wondered if it was now ok to wear his Ray Rice jersey.

18. This Kansas fan is not happy about the new version of the Big 12.

17. USC fan believes that ESPN and Disney were conspiring to keep Urban away from coaching the Trojans.

16. Georgia Tech fan has a wild dream that involves the Yellow Jackets, a stripper named Candy, and Urban Meyer.

15. Some LSU fans were having some real issues when thinking about a new coaching hire.

14. The Herbstreit twins were sent to sabotage Clemson football.

13. Texas Tech fans want to hire Art Briles so bad.

12. LSU wants a coach that can be successful without recruiting pot smokers, like whoever coaches BYU.

11. A Georgia fan wanted nothing more than to “hawk loogies” in Jordan-Hare Stadium.

10. This Texas fan used the most eloquent of prose to defend a hiring of Urban Meyer.

9. This Washington fan has some true admiration for Hugh Freeze’s career.

8. The Sooners could win the National Championship and still not win over this Oklahoma fan. He is disgusted with their play this season.

7. This Nebraska fan doesn’t just want Scott Frost fired and Adrian Martinez benched, he wants them both to break their legs.

6. How can South Carolina ever expect to win a championship if their women’s basketball coach makes more than their football coach?

5. Tennessee fans mounted a fervent defense of their throwing of mustard bottles and golf balls on to the field after the loss to Ole Miss.

4. While Georgia is corrupt and sleazy, Clemson operates its program with faith, family, and honesty.

3. Florida fan would do ANYTHING for Penn State to come and hire Dan Mullen.

2. There is one happy App State fan in jail in Boone, North Carolina right now.

1. Iowa got what was coming to them for depleting the region’s topsoil.

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