The 25 Best Posts from the Month of September

25. The Texas A&M team is full of stoners.

24. Washington’s offense was patterned after a pack of syphilitic ferrets.

23. Mo money, less drive and killer instinct for Dabo.

22. Concerning news out of Maryland, Terps players didn’t think Iowa was any good.

21. Houston fans were already starting to feel that P5 arrogance.

20. Coastal Carolina fans wished they had a tough OOC schedule like their Sun Belt conference mates, instead they’re stuck playing Kansas.

19. Notre Dame fans did not like the fact that their home opener was streamed on Peacock.

18. If The U truly wants to be back, they needs someone who can cheat and beat Alabama. This poster knows just the guy for the job.

17. Texas wasn’t bothered by its loss to Arkansas as it was a preseason game for them, they’ll be running the show in the SEC soon enough.

16. This new Big12 is going to sully Kansas’ brand. The Jayhawks are simply too good for this G5 league.

15. This Washington fan is embarrassed of Huskies’ student section.

14. Clemson fan pens open letter to Dabo about loyalty.

13. UConn’s ticket office has a new sales pitch.

12. Miami fan has not one, but two, monster trucks and would gladly run over Blake James.

11. Purdue fans aren’t petty, but if they were they’d say something like this:

10. Mike Norvell is a world-class degenerate gambler and noted horn dog.

9. Texas A&M fans were looking forward to blowing out Arkansas.

8. Texas fans were also looking forward to blowing out Arkansas.

7. Being “tanned AF” and “jacked” may lead to Coach O’s downfall.

6. #Clembarrasing.

5. Ohio State fans were confident that they would overwhelm Oregon.

4. NC State fan posted an unsubstantiated rumor of a chlamydia outbreak at North Carolina.

3. Jimmy Lake better not take that offense of his to Texas.

2. A Nebraska fan had a fool-proof plan to send “COVID positive babes” to infect the Oklahoma team.

1. A Toledo fan smoked some Peyote and took us on a wild ride before their game with Notre Dame.

There were many great posts in September. If you think I missed one, or want to share others, feel free to comment. Thanks for reading!

2 responses to “The 25 Best Posts from the Month of September”

  1. It’s good one true-fan poster does not represent an entire fan base, most aware people understand this. Unfortunately each day it seems the world experiences a dearth of rationale and/or reasoning. You found it necessary to post a *disclaimer* acknowledging the fact. Question though, does you posting an obvious troll not *represent* you? KissTheRing has been banned for 4 weeks by TigerNet. You have to be Herod the Cruel, attempt to kill baby Jesus, or constantly bring into question Crump’s ability to dress himself, I would know, to get banned by that site. Always enjoy what you do, save the occasional swing & miss. We all have those from time to time. Be well.

  2. @deadsolidperfect:

    Sir, this is a Wendy’s.

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