The 25 Best Posts from the Month of August

25. Penn State fan was upset that they got punished when they didn’t deserve it, and the NCAA let Baylor off with nothing.

24. Miami fan wants Manny Diaz to implement a 10-strike disciplinary policy.

23. Hey Baylor, dont get down on yourself. Not everyone is perfect.

22. Clemson fan is not a fan of Paul Finebaum.

21. This post made the countdown on the strength of the phrase; “dropped like human balls.”

20. Open letter to football players from the wise poster, Lord McBuckethead.

19. Ohio State is too talented to fail.

18. Texas Tech would be better off in the Sun Belt

17. Alabama fan reacts to video of Auburn players jumping over tackling dummies while listening to Drowning Pool.

16. Oklahoma State didn’t even want to be in the stupid SEC anyways….

15. This post on the Nebraska board is funny because it was posted before the season started.

14. Kentucky fan teaches us the golden rule of burglary.

13. An Alabama fan got his hands on Phil Fulmer’s resume.

12. Steer clear of Mr. EasterEgg if you ever find yourself at an LSU game.

11. Texas will win the Big12 this year and the SEC in two years.

10. This North Carolina fan was skeptical of Ole Miss’ claimed 100 percent vaccination rate.

9. Lincoln Riley is going to give Nick Saban the ol’ rat-a-tat-tat.

8. South Carolina fans always assume the worst when it comes to Clemson.

7. This Auburn fan has heard good things about Tuscaloosa.

6. Josh Heupel looks like he woke up from a nap after a trip to the Golden Corral.

5. Texas A&M quarterback, Haynes King, looks like he is in for an ass chewing.

4. Nebraska fan suspects that the Chicago Mafia had a hand in their loss to Illinois.

3. Notre Dame fan is appalled that the home opener is streaming on Peacock.

2. KIrby Smart’s fellow coaches look out for him, because of his “limitations.”

1. The SEC is Kansas’ fallback conference.

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