Top Ten College Football Message Boards Mid-Year Rankings

Top Ten College Football Message Boards Mid-Year Rankings

We are half-way through the calendar year and football season is approaching ever so quickly.  The message boarders are starting to pick up steam, warming up for the season that is sure to bring nothing but an emotional roller coaster ride for the message board posters.  Some, however, have been going strong all year long.  

After a very thorough review of the various message boards, I have compiled a mid-year ranking of the best college football message boards in the land.  These rankings are purely subjective and take into consideration board traffic, content, information, and pure craziness of the posters.  So without any further ado, here we go:











2 responses to “Top Ten College Football Message Boards Mid-Year Rankings”

  1. How they have 247 UGA board over the DV is crazy. They must be too cheap to pay for the DV

  2. Come on, Pete. TAMU hasn’t won a Conference Title since theBig12ish, 1998, have 3 “claimed” National Titles, most recent is 1939, back before the Big One, you know, World War II. 1 of the titles, 1927, is a complete fabrication as the NCAA recognizes Yale & Illinois. Does that even qualify as a football school? I think not…

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