May 2021 in Posts:

May is a slow month for college sports fans; the basketball season is a distant memory, recruiting is in a dead period and fall camp is still months away. The lack of action, however, doesn’t keep the message board posters down and I’ve got the posts to prove it:

SEC fans were still after each other:

Texas A&M fans are ready to take down Alabama and win some Natties!

LSU fans are also confident they’ll be back in 2021:

Tennessee fans, however, are not so optimistic:

Auburn fans are wondering why they fired Gus Malzahn

And South Carolina fans…..well….it’s been rough:

Wholesome Notre Dame just can’t compete in today’s recruiting environment:

Likewise, Clemson will take the moral high ground when it comes to recruiting:

That said, Clemson fans want Dabo out recruiting, not messing around playing basketball:

Trevor Lawrence was drafted No. 1 overall by the Jaguars and one Ohio State fan was not a fan of his look:

One Clemson fan didn’t like Lawrence’s chances of success while teaming up with Urban Creyer and Tim Teblow in Jacksonville however:

Speaking of Tebow, Florida fans had a theory:

Texas A&M fans didn’t really understand how the draft worked:

Nebraska fans were way too excited about their incoming, Freshman QB:

Husker fans, however, are not completely comfortable with the company they keep in the B1G:

Ohio State, on the other hand, enjoys running the B1G:

Buckeye fans are, however, sick of Kirby and Gang’s (aka Kirk Herbstreit) disrespect:

Michigan fan perfectly describes Michigan football:

Kansas is bringing Buffalo to the Big 12!

Texas decided to create a second marching band that would be exempt from playing The Eyes of Texas, Baylor fans helped them come up with names for this second band:

A Longhorns fan started to express his doubts about their ability to win the Big12 and then lost it…..

One thing Texas fans are sure of, however, is their hate for Noon kickoffs and Tim Brando:

The PAC 12 got a new commissioner and Washington fans approved:

An Oregon fan has a message for his/her haters:

We learned that South Carolina fans punch horses:

And a Michigan State fan can beat up a cougar with his bare hands:

This Mississippi State fan had a heck of a weekend:

This Tennessee fan had some wonderful advice for all of you newly married men:

And finally, just to keep your brain working for the next month, here is something to ponder:

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it.

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