The Month of April in Posts:

Spring time is a little slow in the message board world, but nevertheless the world was blessed with some great material. Enjoy:

Desean Watson continues to have a great legal defense team over at TigerNet:

Roy Williams also retired in April, Duke fans were classy in bidding him farewell:

Meanwhile, Chris Beard left Texas Tech for Texas and Red Raider fans took the news surprisingly well:

Baylor won the National Title and finally had something to boast about, suck it Aggies and Longhorns!:

Like clockwork, fans of schools that cheat accused others of cheating:

Miami fans contemplate how they would be punished if they cheated like everyone else, they predict the harshest of punishments:

Spring is a time for hope and confidence, just ask Mississippi State and Nebraska fans:

Texas A&M fans were alarmingly confident:

Auburn fans just don’t know what to think:

Tennessee fans, on the other hand, didn’t appear so confident:

Michigan fans weren’t too confident either:

Ohio State fan was looking forward to further misery from Michigan, or Chinese food, or both:

LSU was still under investigation for lots of stuff…

Lincoln Riley posted a photo of his brisket on Twitter and this Texas fan had thoughts:

Boston College signed a 10 year deal with New Balance, and people had jokes:

Ohio State is running a marathon, not a sprint, they’re simply waiting for Alabama and Clemson to burn themselves out before the take over:

The first day of the NFL draft took place, many thought Mac Jones would be the third QB taken, Ohio State fans did not agree:

Ultimately, they were right as San Francisco passed on him to the dismay of Alabama fans, who complained of the disrespect their players get from the media:

Texas A&M fans noted that the Big12 had no players taken in the first round and hoped that recruits also took note (while failing to note that Texas A&M also had no players taken in the first round):

And finally, April brought us what could possibly have been the beginning of a new defensive strategy likely to change football as we know it. You heard it hear first:

Have a great May!

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