The Month of March in Posts:

Below is a recap of what happened during the month of March in the message board world:

Clemson fans mounted a fervent defense of Deshaun Watson:

Kansas fired Les Miles to surprisingly mixed reviews. It did however provide some hope that Kansas’ football savior might return:

We knew things at Kansas were bad when even Baylor fans thought things were out of control:

Kentucky missed out on the tournament, and Wildcat fans have had enough of John Calipari:

Duke also missed out on the tournament, guess how that went over?

LSU fans love to be hated:

Maybe they love it a little too much….

The Rush Propst allegations came out and everyone in the SEC accused everyone else of cheating:

Texas A&M fans were still feeling good about themselves (as usual):

Meanwhile, poor Tennessee fans were still in a bad place.

And Georgia fans noticed:

And for some Tennessee fans, winning is of the utmost importance.

Texas A&M fans know what makes a kid a “good fit” for the Aggies.

Washington fans have their own idea as to what moves the needle.

Poor Arkansas just wanted some attention.

Nebraska tried to cancel it’s game with Oklahoma, neither fanbase took it well

This LSU fan just couldn’t hold back anymore….I think he hates Alabama

One Michigan State fan did not respond well to the idea of firing Tom Izzo.

Illinois fans were very confident going into their second-round game against Loyola…remember how that turned out.

Michigan fans were happy for the opportunity to beat LSU

Some players were receiving death threats after a tournament loss, this West Virginia fans could understand that if the team wasn’t any good.

This Texas A&M fan had one hell of a ride.

And, one last parting gift to take with you..

I hope that sticks in your head for the next month.

Thanks for reading.

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