February 2021 – The Month in Posts:

February 2021 will always be the remembered as the month that Hell froze over:

The month started of with National Signing Day, or as Alabama fans call it Nick M. F-ing Saban Day.

LSU fans, yep LSU fans, believe Alabama most likely cheated in order to get the class that they got:

Clemson fans were trying to use mind power to get Saban to retire, it is “mime bottling” to them to think of how successful they would be if Nick wasn’t in the picture:

It wasn’t a great day for Auburn, at least on paper:

Auburn fans were already longing for the Malzahn days, wanting to remember them always:

Of course, Auburn’s loss was Central Florida’s gain. They were excited to see what Malzahn can do now that he has superior money and resources:

After they hired Steve Sarkisian, Texas was convinced that Alabama was trying to become like them:

Texas fans were very confident after they “dodged the bullet” of hiring Urban Meyer:

February also saw Texas bringing back a legend in Vince Young (again);

In response, Texas A&M fans argued that their ex-train wreck QB was actually better off than Vince Young.

Recruiting season caused Tennessee fans to wonder what role, if any, man-boobs played in a recruit’s decision making process:

And unsurprisingly, Texas A&M fans were confident!

After Blaine Gabbert’s Super Bowl victory, Missouri fans dubbed Missouri as QBU:

Heck, the offseason even had Tennessee fans feeling optimistic for some reason:

And Nebraska fans were ready to risk it all:

College basketball saw some blue bloods struggle leading for reasonable fans at Duke and Kentucky to criticize their legendary head coaches:

For some reason a Clemson fan wanted to put a port-o-potty INSIDE his house:

And finally, February saw the loss of a great celebrity, Screech, which prompted this Texas A&M fan to recount his encounter with Mr. Diamond:

Hope you all had a good February and will have an even better March!

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