January 2021- As Told by Message Board Posters:

January was a great month for college football that saw great bowl games, the playoffs and the crowning of a national champion along with several changes. Let’s relive it through the eyes and hearts of message board posters.

As the year started, Georgia fans were discouraged at their slow start against Cincinnati:

Clemson fans struggled to accept their loss to Ohio State:

After beating Clemson, Ohio State fans gained some confidence (as if they needed any more):

That confidence dissipated rather quickly:

No need to feel sorry for Ohio State fans, however, as they enjoy a superior lifestyle:

Buckeye fans wondered how they could ever compete with Alabama, as the future looked grim, they found solace in the fact that the Nazis too were ultimately defeated:

Clemson fans quickly forgot that they had just been boat-raced by Ohio State:

Texas fans also had their Urban Meyer dreams crushed and learned that Steve Sarkisian would be their new head coach, their initial reactions were…….mixed:

Sarkisian even expressed willingness to renew the Texas/Texas A&M rivalry, Aggie fans loved that idea:

PAC12 fans learned that Larry Scott would not be retained as commissioner and this Washington fan had a great suggestion for his replacement:

An Arkansas fan was looking for financial advice on how to spend his stimulus check, looks like he found a great deal!

After digesting the Sarkisian hire, Texas fans are optimistic for 2021. Sorry Louisiana:

In a moment of reflection, a Clemson fan actually wondered if you could buy and sell human beings:

And then there was Tennessee…Vols fans were entering the transfer portal:

After Jeremy Pruitt was fired, the Vols fans wanted one man….Hugh Freeze, one fan wanted him real bad:

The Vols got……Josh Heupel:

January was a month where we saw Clemson fans get humbled a bit, they became so humble that one fan even admitted that Tom Brady just “might” be better than Trevor Lawrence:

The highlight of the month however was seeing two message boards, two fan bases, look past any differences that they might face and recognize that they’re both the same after all. It was quite touching:

What a great month…on to February!

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