Top 75 Message Board Posts of the 2020 College Football Season: Nos. 75-51

I’ve compiled, what I found to be, the top posts of the 2020 College Football Season. As with the message board rankings, there was no objective criteria, these rankings are entirely subjective. The views in the posts are not shared by me, they are the views of each individual poster. Here we go with posts Nos. 75-51:

#75 – Paul Finebaum has never touched a boob. Might be true……

#74 – This makes the countdown for the sheer craziness of it all….

#73 – All STDs are the same in the end.

#72 – A perfect retort.

#71 – Washington fans were frustrated with how their team was managed.

#70 – Auburn fans looking for a Falwell/Freeze package deal.

#69 – Florida State fans hoped for a Covid cancellation against Clemson (they eventually got it).

#68 – BYU fans are WEIRD.

#67 – Arizona succeeded in at least stopping Covid.

#66 – I’m not sure that is grounds for termination.

#65 – This made the countdown only for the Phil Fulmer nickname.

#64 – A good question to ask yourself before you go and do something stupid.

#63 – This Miami fan had a lot riding on the game. No word yet on how it worked out.

#62 – South Carolina fans are sick of being the fat kid.

#61 – This is a legit question.

#60 – I mean, whatever you’re into is cool…

#59 – Uhhhhh…that seems racist.

#58 – There is absolutely nothing wrong that.

#57 – Florida fans dislike Georgia and their “shitbird” coach.

#56 – Nebraska coaches have low medium IQs.

#55 – Tennessee fans know how to get up for a big game.

#54 – LSU’s plan for Alabama: (1) Forfeit, (2) Beg for Mercy.

#53 – Less pot more roids.

#52 – He feels it in his plums!

#51 – LSU fans really want it….

That’s it for today, come back tomorrow for Nos. 26-50. They only get better.

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