Top 5 College Football Message Boards of 2020

Welcome to the first ever college football message board power ranking.  Keep in mind that there were absolutely no objective criteria used in formulating the rankings.  These rankings are entirely subjective, taking into consideration factors such as content, traffic, emotion, humor, anger, hate, unreasonableness, and insanity.  Most all message boards check each of these boxes to some degree, but only a select few can do it continuously and consistently at a high rate.  So without further adieu, here are the Top 5:

#5 – Hardcore Husky –

This is the lone West Coast representative in the rankings and is probably a complete unknown to many in the message board world.  That said, this board is an absolute trip.  It most certainly is not for the faint of heart or those who are easily offended.  The board itself does not seem to be heavily moderated in that it appears that all opinions and topics appear to be welcome.  While it is a Washington Huskies fan board, the board itself covers a wide variety of topics outside of Huskies athletics.  Including, but not limited to, wide ranging SEC football discussions.  Additionally, the fan base appears to be extremely self-aware and self-deprecating which is something to be admired on a sports fan message board.  Here are some of my favorites from Hardcore Husky:

#4 – TexAgs –

What can I say about this board?  The emotional swings on this board over the past months have been dramatic.  While most message boards are filled with far more criticisms than compliments, these posters seem especially critical.  What they lack in self-awareness, they make up for in extreme hubris.  They most certainly have high hopes and high expectations given a program that has not been nationally relevant for several years.  All that said, if you are looking for some breathtakingly bold commentaries, this is a great place to find them. Here are some of TexAgs’ highlights:

#3 – Surly Horns –

We stay in the great State of Texas for our next message board,  This board has Tom Herman to thank for their number 3 ranking as nearly every thread is focused on the man they refer to as “Mensa.”  Equal to their disdain for Mensa, is their unwavering love for the man they assume to be his successor, Mr. Urban Meyer.  The board consists of multiple 100+ page threads about Tom Herman, his firing and what they believed to be the inevitable hiring of Urban Meyer.  While the board lacks much in the way of variety, it certainly makes up for it in the quantity and quality of sheer hatred expressed toward their coach (who has a 31-18 record as the Longhorns head coach).  The name “Surly Horns” is certainly apropos.  This board also does not appear to have a heavy-handed moderator as there are plenty of colorful posts that are probably not suited for children.  Whether you love or hate the Longhorns, you will most certainly be entertained as you read this board.  Here are some of my favorites:

#2 – TigerNet –

If you want to dislike Clemson, this is the board for you.  This board is very high-volume and is a great place to discuss Clemson football.  It is easy to tell from reading the board that Clemson has been a very successful program over the past few years.  You will not find a more arrogant group of posters anywhere else on the internet, that is for sure.  In addition to Clemson football, the posters here like to discuss what the follies of South Carolina football (or the “Coots” as they call them) and their unlikely rival in Ohio State.  This would be a great board to keep an eye on should Clemson lose another game.  The likelihood of an epic meltdown is extremely high.  Here are some of the best posts over the season:

#1 – Tiger Rant –

Oh boy!  What can we say about this one, other than it is always filled with entertainment.  I find it is even more entertaining to read each post in your best Coach O voice.  This message board is exactly what you would expect from a fan base who went from being the most dominant team in America to a scandal-ridden SEC whooping boy in just one year.  It is evident from reading the board that the fan base simply has not figured out how to process that transition.   That dramatic fall from grace along with the multiple scandals plaguing the athletic department and the University provides no shortage of content, conspiracy theories, and demands from what was already an unreasonable fan base.  There is very little intentional humor on the site, but any outsider is going to find hours’ worth of enjoyment reading through grown man temper tantrums.  Here are some of the best from that board.

Those are my top 5 for this college football season. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do. Feel free to provide feedback and input. Thanks for reading.

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