Red River Shootout and Other Staff Picks: Week 6

Advertisements The Red River Shootout headlines this week’s game. Though can you remember the last time OU and Texas played and both were unranked? I can’t either. Anyway, we have the best account from each of the Red River Shootout participants: Kyle Umlang (UT) and Blinkin Riley (OU). Since UT is favored in this game,…

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How the CFB 12-team Playoff Would Look Today: Week 6

Advertisements There are officially enough data points to start assessing teams in college football. While the 12-team playoff doesn’t start for another year or two, we are taking that message board spirit by not only irrationally predicting who would be in, but also predicting who would win those matchups. Let’s start with the rankings. Remember…

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Top 50 Quarterbacks of 2022

Advertisements Through Week 5 we’ve seen a ton of great action from the QB position. Message board geniuses across all boards are already crowing their own QBs as the Heisman-to-be. Below is our list of top 50 quarterbacks thus far in the 2022 season: Follow @FightOnRusty on Twitter for some of the best lists in…

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