Mellon Collie and the Infinite Turnovers


Despite all my rage I am still just a fan on a board.

With all of the college football this past weekend, there are bound to be disappointed fans. These are their stories. College Football Therapy is now in session.

Shakedown 1979 1997 – Nebraska

Nebraska fans I know you well. Look, this was always going to be a tough season. Matt Rhule isn’t known for immediate turnarounds. You need to give him at least a year. Historically, year three is where you see his value. That said, you need to stop creating expectations predicated on being the most talented team in the division. Regardless of what recruiting boards say, it is just not the case.

My reflection, dirty mirror – Iowa State

These folks are going to make this as difficult as they can for me to provide advice. So let’s start with this. Iowa State isn’t Iowa and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In 2020, Iowa State made a New Year’s Six game (and won it). This is more recent than anything Iowa has done. What was different about that year? CyHawk was not played. Your identity is not that game. Move on. You’ll be fine.

I fear that I am ordinary just like everyone – Alabama

We are more than a decade and a half into Saban’s tenure and he’s finally showing weakness. Unlike every other team on this list, the weaknesses shown are mild, subtle, and may not even appear in a few weeks. Alabama is still Alabama. I don’t expect to see you much here this year.

They played a talented team early in the year. They’ve done that a few times, but it is more of an exception than the rule. I’d still bet on them winning the SEC West and having the best chance at beating Georgia.

I know, I’ll Make It – Virginia

Listen, Virginia has gone through more than any other program. It is incredibly difficult to say anything even remotely negative about these kids and their resilience. I, personally, am rooting for them to get one over on one of the big dogs this year.

That covers the Power conferences. Until next week, stay positive and when you don’t, I’m here for you!

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