New Coach, Same Huskers


This is year two of College Football Therapy and right before the Saturday of Week 1, we have our first candidate for therapy.

The Nebraska Cornhuskers were a powerhouse in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Yet they fulfill a different role today. A new coach was expected to breed a new era – one that reflects more of those teams from years past. Yesterday in Minnesota, they were the same ole’ Huskers.

People are upset and I understand why. Minnesota was so offensively inept, I started rooting for them out of confusion for my team. Still, two late turnovers turned the game over to Minnesota in an ugly 13-10 win over Nebraska.

While the wounds were still fresh at this point, understand that new Husker coach Matt Rhule has never actually won his debut with a team. He’s never won more than two games in his first season with a college team. This was always going to be a process.

Exactly GaRed! It isn’t about the past pain. It is about Matt Rhule’s strategy and philosophy. It’s that the talent level of Nebraska has been overstated for years and said talent isn’t interchangeable to every scheme and philosophy. One loss, on the road may I add, does not mean inevitable failure. I get that it feels like that, especially because of how it went down.

For those of you wondering why an Iowa fan isn’t going after the Husker fanbase a little harder, it is simple: there is nothing that I can say or do that’s anywhere near as cruel as your team and fanbase will do.

And there it is. Still, have some patience. This will pay off, but perhaps not entirely in year one.

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