Penn State/Central Michigan Message Board Predictions


I predicted Penn State at 7-5 this season and I’m starting to regret that, as they look to be a legitimate contender in the Big Ten East. As a make good to those friendly Nittany Lion fans on Twitter, I’ve decided to dig up their thoughts on today’s game against directional Michigan.

55-7 Penn State
35-17 Central Michigan
45-17 Penn State
Penn State 4-3

Some common themes amongst Lion fans:

  • Singleton is going to tear up a weak Chippewa defense
  • Most have Penn State winning, though one individual has a close 4-3 game (seems more like an Iowa game there) and another has the good guys (who I can only imagine is Central Michigan) winning by three scores
  • Central Michigan will likely score some points, though some think this will happen in garbage time.

With all due respect to Central Michigan, Penn State should not find themselves on any ‘most likely to be upset’ list this week.

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