Top 25 Posts from the Month of April:

(Remember, it’s the offseason)

25. LSU fan hopes Derek Stingley fails in the NFL for the betterment of College Football.

24. Mississippi State fan wants college football to return to its Pre-Saban status.

23. Florida State has advanced out of dumpster fire status.

22. Texas is taking all of the Alabama players that prefer women, money and alcohol.

21. ESPN is trying to bring down Dabo and Clemson football.

20. Oklahoma State fans had some devious plans.

19. Nebraska fan wonders why they aren’t cheating.

18. Tennessee fan want to surprise opponents with a 1940s playbook.

17. Joe Paterno and Penn State did nothing wrong.

16. Archie Manning threw too many interceptions to have his name on campus at Ole Miss.

15. Auburn fan wanted to know if he was the only guy sitting on his balls?

14. Women have no business in men’s sports!

13. Notre Dame fan was upset that the Irish have an HBCU on the schedule.

12. LSU fan had a dream that you idiots would understand the RPO.

11. Texas football continues to operate with modesty and class.

10. Georgia is going to come out of nowhere and surprise some folks this year.

9. It’s obvious that only one man can save Arizona State, that man is Urb.

8. Something is tingling in this Tennessee fan’s britches.

7. This Texas fan dared us to post this. We obliged.

6. Oklahoma is going to raw dog the SEC with a hot slice of that sweet Venables defense.

5. Old Texas A&M fan needed some help understanding what these kids are saying.

4. Should Nebraska be concerned about a 5 star player that actually wants to play there?

3. The hot gossip at Publix is that Georgia fans are sick of Kirby Smart.

2. I’m sorry if you cant handle me peeling out in my Mazda 3 at the bus stop.

1. It was a long day at work for this Auburn fan.

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