Top 25 Posts from the Month of March:

25. Maybe the most Tennessee post ever.

24. West Virgnia fan wonders if Urban Meyer is desperate enough to coach the Mountaineers.

23. Alabama fan is upset that other SEC schools are paying players.

22. What an idiot!

21. Texas A&M fan wants to get to the bottom of this whole Texas to the SEC thing.

20. Deion Sanders cost Florida State a National Championship.

19. North Carolina fan wanted to see Coach K poop his pants.

18. Real athletes don’t ride bikes.

17. Kentucky fan wanted to start an email campaign to get rid of Coach Cal.

16. Texas fan is sick of women announcers.

15. Miami football has sucked because they played music at practice.

14. Women do NOT belong on the field!

13. Girls are crazy until they reach the age of 30.

12. Clemson fan provided live updates of his animal cruelty trial.

11. Tennessee fan reached out to his fellow message boarders for some dating advice.

10. Alabama fan is sick of Kirby Smart copying Nick Saban.

9. Poor grooming has caused the fielding woes for the LSU baseball team.

8. Memphis fan wants to sue the NCAA for $1 Billion.

7. Why did ESPN make this Ole Miss fan suffer through the women’s selection show?

6. This Notre Dame fan is sick of seeing crotch sweat.

5. Coach Cal is really making fatherhood difficult for this Kentucky fan.

4. BYU will dominate the Big12 in many areas.

3. Nebraska fan gives valuable advice on how to talk to women.

2. LSU fan believes Duke players may have lost to North Carolina on purpose.

1. Ohio State fan found himself with a parenting emergency.

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