The Month of July in Message Board Posts

The month of July saw seismic changes in the landscape of College Football, and as you can imagine message board posters did not all receive those changes with a level head.  First, we saw the first batch of state laws, and the NCAA’s new rules allowing athletes to benefit from their names, images and likenesses.  Secondly, we saw Texas and Oklahoma reveal their intention of moving from the Big12 to the SEC.  Below are the best reactions to those events along with the month’s Top Ten posts, enjoy:

Mark down July 1, 2021 as the day that college football ended and message board posters shouted at their computer screens:

If the NIL rules weren’t enough to ruin the lives of some college football fans, the news that came later in the month regarding Texas and Oklahoma’s move to the SEC sure did it for some Big12 fans:

SEC fans seemed to be fine with the news of adding Oklahoma, but Texas?  Maybe not as much:

And now it’s time for the Top Ten posts of the month:











And, finally and for your ultimate enjoyment we would like to present Texas A&M posters with a lifetime (monthly) achievement award for their work this month.  They’ve been nothing short of outstanding:

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