Top 75 Message Board Posts of the College Football Season: Nos. 1-25

I’ve compiled, what I found to be, the top posts of the 2020 College Football Season. As with the message board rankings, there was no objective criteria, these rankings are entirely subjective. The views in the posts are not shared by me, they are the views of the individual poster. Here are the 25 best posts of the season:

#25 – OcryO State is a bunch of nut necklace wearing Trixies. (according to this Clemson fan).

#24 – This BYU fan couldn’t even summon enough of a rebellious spirit to even type a swear word.

#23 – LSU fans believe Ed O’s new girlfriend is to blame for their demise. They want to see if she was worth it.

#22 – Kirby Smart looks like a lesbian gym teacher.

#21 – Wyoming fans don’t want to go in dry.

#20 – Pitt fans realize that West Virginia fans are just like them. Now they’re best friends.

#19 – Tennessee fans’ testicles are tingling (That’s a good sign apparently).

#18 – Excitement amongst Gator fans reached an all time high.

#17 – This Illinois fan’s board name and his post don’t quite match up.

#16 – If you ever think about uttering the phrase; “I know he rapes people, but…” you should probably reconsider what you’re about to say. Not this guy though.

#15 – Clemson is just trying to keep the CFP a family-friendly event.

#14 – It happens once a year.

#13 – Can you feel the hatred in this post?

#12 – Florida State fans prefer not only AIDs but also the Taliban to Miami.

#11 – Texas is stuck holding the bag.

#10 – The mere mention of nuts makes Auburn fans happy.

#9 – No one survives violating an MOU with Arkansas dammit.

#8 – I hope nobody ever has to hit that button.

#7 – This Texas A&M fan is keeping our neighborhoods safe.

#6 – Coach O is just sitting back, relaxing, paying freshman, and “slaying poon.”

#5 – Yes, actually that is bad.

#4 – Brian Kelly appears to have an unhealthy habit.

#3 – Coach O’s ex-wife was the real hero.

#2 – New guy is new to message boarding.

#1 – Texas fan hopes Tom Herman gets fed to the AIDS Alligators!

Well, there you have it. I hope you enjoyed my list of best posts from the 2020 college football season. Congratulations to all those distinguished posters who made the list. Obviously, I wasn’t able to read every post from every board so feel free to send me any posts you think should be included in the future. Thanks again for reading!

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