Top 75 Message Board Posts of the 2020 College Football Season: Nos. 26-50.


I’ve compiled, what I found to be, the top posts of the 2020 College Football Season. As with the message board rankings, there was no objective criteria, these rankings are entirely subjective. The views in the posts are not shared by me, they are the views of the individual poster. Below are posts Nos. 26-50:

#50 – This post is completely nuts and I didn’t understand a word of it.

#49 – Wake Forest fans were excited to get a look at their new punter.

#48 – Who knew Danny Kanell wore turtle necks as masks?

#47 – Put on your cups, you’re about to get kicked in the “tee-tee”.

#46 – Miami fans are bringing the STDs!

#45 – Texas Tech fans put together the perfect dream staff!

#44 – Kansas fans were optimistic going into their game with Baylor.

#43 – Florida State fans are concerned with the size of Dabo’s “peen”.

#42 – Why does Arkansas always favor fat coaches? Good question…

#41 – This Washington fan pulled a solid scam on his wife.

#40 – This post made the countdown primarily due to the poster’s board name “LaxativeLarry”.

#39 – Auburn fans wanted to hire the best cheater out there.

#38 – Herbie was acting a bit funky.

#37 – The least Texas could have done was look like a fully-prepared can of smashed assholes.

#36 – The PAC12 struggled to perform, thus frustrating this Huskies fan.

#35 – More Dany Kanell slander, he’s got to be cooler than this though. Right?

#34 – This is just great imagery.

#33 – I mean, I guess it’s like that.

#32 – I mean, Tom Herman isn’t a monster. Geez…

#31 – What’s good enough for Liberty is good enough for South Carolina.

#30 – Texas fans are upset that turtle boy is still their coach.

#29 – We’ve got another unabomber on our hands, and it turns out he’s a Michigan fan.

#28 – I had trouble doing the math on this one…..

#27 – These posts were from Penn State fans upset over what they deemed to be inadequate NCAA punishments over sexual assault allegations. Think about it….

#26 – I don’t even know what to say here…WTF Washington?

I hope you enjoyed Nos. 26-50. Tomorrow’s are even better. Feel free to leave a comment or suggestions. Thanks for reading.

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